I am José Luis Blanco Pastor a postdoctoral researcher at the INRA Centre Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Poitiers, UR4 (URP3F) in (France).


My PhD dissertation with Pablo Vargas funded by a CSIC JAE-pre fellowship at the Royal Botanical Gardens of Madrid focused on the effect of past Quaternary Climatic Oscillations on plant evolution using genus Linaria as a model. We put a special emphasis on the effect of past climate on gene flow at the species and population level.

My first postdoc project with Bernard Pfeil at the University of Gothenburg was funded by a EC Marie Skłodowska-Curie IE Fellowship includes both Evolutionary Genetics and Landscape Genetics analyses and aims to study patterns of past hybridization and adaptation to environmental factors in the model genus Medicago.

My second postdoc project with Jean-Paul Sampoux and Stèphanie Manel at INRA (Multidisciplinar Research Unit of Prairies and Forage Plants, URP3F, Lusignan, France) and CEFE (Center for Functional and Evolutionary Ecology, Montpellier, France) is funded by an EC Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND (EU-INRA-Agreenium) Agreenskills fellowship and an ERA-NET+ FACCE-JPI project (“Climate Smart Agriculture” call). This project is strongly focussed on landscape genetics, association modelling (genotype-phenotype-environment) and climate change adaptation. We aim to discover genetic variability involved in climatic adaptation and assess potential changes in the spatial distribution of adaptive diversity in Lolium perenne, a grass species prevalent in grassland communities. Additionally we aim to design genetic pools expected to provide adaptation to future regional climatic conditions.

I am a molecular ecologist and biogeographer. Specifically my research is focused on the genetics of plant adaptation to climate. I am particularly interested in the transfer of ecology and evolutionary biology research towards the agricultural sector. 




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