I am José Luis Blanco-Pastor

I study the evolution and diversity of species, populations and genes. Specifically my research is focused on the genetic and genomic characterisation of plant species, their populations and cultivated varieties. I also study the effect of climate on plant evolution and adaptation to environmental factors. I am particularly interested in the use of this information to help plant species, and especially endangered or economically important plant species, to adapt to future climatic conditions. I have ten years of research experience performed at internationally renowned institutions in three different countries (Spain, Sweden and France. Father of one child (a second coming). I speak spanish, english and french.

I have successfully finished a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences, an MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology. Both at the University Pablo de Olavide (Seville). I have a PhD in Plant Evolution completed at the Royal Botanical Gardens of Madrid (CSIC). I obtained the maximum qualification for my PhD (sobresaliente cum laude por unanimidad, highest possible mark in Spain) and it was awarded with an “Extraordinary PhD Thesis Award”. During and after my PhD I completed three short stays in different research centres (University of Gothenburg, Sweden, University of Granada, Spain and University of California, Davis, USA). I have complemented my education with three postgraduate courses on phylogenetics (two of them held in Spain and one in Sweden), two on landscape genetics (held in France) and two on bioinformatics (held in Sweden).  Shortly after my thesis dissertation I was awarded a 2-years Marie Skłodowska-Curie Intra-European Fellowship (MC IEF). And then I was awarded a highly competitive 3-years Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND AgreenSkills fellowship. My publication record includes 14 SCI research papers (10 papers in Q1: 8 papers as first author; 296 citations, h index= 8, i10 index = 8; 04 October 2019, Google Scholar. And 5 more papers that are under review. Additionally, I have authored a book chapter and a conference proceedings article.

I have participated in 20 congresses/meetings with 26 contributions. As a mentor I have supervised a bachelor’s degree project and an MSc degree project. I acknowledge multiple wet lab techniques including library preparations for Next Generation Sequencing. I have field work experience (tree scientific expeditions with more than two weeks of duration). I have expertise in genetic analyses in high performance clusters, advanced scripting abilities in R language and moderate scripting abilities in python and UNIX.

I have participated in 13 research projects with regional, national or European funding. In two of these projects (Marie Curie Fellowships – European Commission, 197811€ and 126000€) I participated as principal researcher demonstrating my ability to obtain funding for research from highly competitive international calls. My line of research is stable and demonstrates a constant development as an independent researcher in the topic of Evolutionary Genetics with a special focus on Climate Change Conservation and Adaptation Genetics.



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